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CERIN – An avant garde company for advanced industries.

The ever increasing use of special steels which are difficult to machine, along with the need for faster machining times and the reduction in the use of the labour force all require the use of tools capable of satisfying these needs and of resolving various other problems of modern industry.

CERIN is a company which has been a part of the hard metal precision tool industry for several years.

At CERIN we are fully aware of the continuous evolution and the changing needs of industry.   We have always put a lot into research as it is our firm belief that it is only through the introduction and use of new tools and new technologies, like ours, that an important position in the market can be acquired.

In the various departments of CERIN, tools are made by highly specialized personnel using the most modern CNC machines along with specific fixtures made by the company itself.

Flexibility when it comes to production and prompt service are what CERIN has always supplied to its customers.

The company has now activated the procedures of the ISO 9000 quality system while the actual productive processes are already carried out in accordance with the provisions established by ISO 9002 standards.

CERIN Company produces Precision Tools which are in Hard Metal.

The main products are of the following :-

  • Rotary Burrs
  • End Mills
  • Drills
  • Reamers
  • Countersinks
  • High Speed Carbide Tools
  • Special Design Tools