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The Ino® - product family :

Developing simple, good, clever clamping solutions is a challenge that demands creativity, experience and self-confidence.

InoFlex®, InoZet®, InoTop® and InoGrip® are products that fulfil the constantly increasing demands in turning and milling.  Modern machine tools need clamping systems that can be put to universal use and yet deliver highest precision.

The Ino®-clamping systems provide optimum clamping of both cubic and round parts, permitting low-cost production of your components.  They achieve outstanding results, particularly when clamping deformation-sensitive parts.


InoFlex® - compensating 4-jaw manual clamping for round, cubic and geometrically irregular parts, for use on turning and milling machines. A low-cost all-rounder with high precision and roundness accuracy. Available in sizes from 169m to 1200mm diameter.


InoZet® turns your conventional 3-jaw chuck into an extremely flexible, compensating 6 jaw chuck in next-to-no time.  InoZet® manages without countless pendulum jaws and special constructions, helping you to enormous cost savings.

With the innovative design of the InoTop® hybrid clamping jaw, the part is centred from the outside without pressure and clamped from the inside. InoTop® is suitable for clamping thin-walled pipes when clamping for the first operation. InoTop® is easy and effective to use and fits on almost every standard chuck.

InoGrip® uses the physical principal of the form fit. Defined stamping reliably clamps the workpiece with low clamping pressure and yet high holding forces.

As far as clamping jaws are concerned we provide you with a special service. With the help of our clamping jaw finder you are in the position to find the appropriate clamping jaw for your chuck quickly and easily.