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The tapping arm, ROSCAMAT, consists of a pendular parallelogram that is balanced by a pneumatic spring, plus a radial arm. The gas spring and radial arm assembly fixes the motor head and keeps it perpendicular to the working area.

Motors are equipped with a quick-change system and is rotated by compressed air that has previously been filtered and lubricated by a unit for that purpose (Pneumatic models) or by a High Frequency motor regulated by means a variator board (Electric models).

There are different models, all of them adapted with quick change system to the modules, tapholders, taps and shank tooling so that we get an important time saving and productivity growth in tapping operations.

Which kind of industries need Roscamat?

  • Moulds
  • Dies
  • Car industry
  • Auxiliary in CNC machines
  • Plate industry
  • Mechanization industry, ...

Other operations:

  • Drill (soft materials: Aluminium, foundry, wood, etc.)
  • Countersink hole
  • Screwing, riveting, etc.
  • Helicoils inserts.
  • Load balance, weightless arms. (3ARM www.3arm.net )



  • Electrical motor - single phase
  • Tapping Capacity: M2-M14
  • 3 different motor versions: 300 & 600 rpm

Flexible, light, high productivity

Roscamat 200

  • Pneumatic motor
  • Tapping capacity: M2-M14
  • Working area: 935 mm.

*Ideal for pieces of small size and small threads

Roscamat 400

  • Pneumatic motor
  • Tapping capacity: M2-M24
  • 6 different speeds (Modular system)
  • Working area. 1150 mm.

Ideal for pieces of small and medium size. Mass production.

Roscamat 500

  • Pneumatic motor
  • Tapping capacity: M2-M24
  • Working area: 2120 mm.
  • 6 different speeds (Modular System)

Small and medium threads, ideal for big pieces, metal frames, sheet metal

Roscamat 500 RH

  • Pneumatic motor
  • Tapping capacity: M2-M24
  • Working area: 2180 mm.
  • 6 different speeds (Modular System)
  • Multiposition head for tapping in any angle of the space.

Ideal for tapping of inclined holes and big workpieces

Roscamat TIGER

  • Electrical motor
  • Tapping capacity: M2-M27
  • Working area: 1130 mm.
  • 5 different speeds (Modular system)

Low consumption, big production.

Roscamat SHARK

  • Electrical motor
  • Tapping capacity:M3-M36
  • Working area: 1215 mm.
  • 6 different speeds (Modular system)

Big production, pieces and threads of big size.